Help Save Millions of Birds with the FLIP of a SWITCH

If you’ve ever visited the Oak Motte diorama in the Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife, we’ve attempted to recreate the spectacular scene of Spring migration along the Texas Coast.  Each and every Spring, 2.5-3.5 billion birds make their way north to the continental US to settle into breeding mode in a more ideal environment to […]

On Retirement | A Letter from Charro

In just a few weeks I will be turning 22 years old. That’s a long time for a green iguana. According to the internet, that makes me over 130 years old in human years, which is just WOW.  I have spent the better part of life as the “spokesiguana” for the museum and it’s coming […]

Fill in the Blanks with Director of Curriculum and Content Kat Havens

As a native Houstonian, Kat Havens has watched the Houston Museum of Natural Science change and grow over the decades. In her role as the Director of Curriculum and Content, she is constantly looking for ways to bring scientific concepts closer to home for our patrons, no matter their age. Helping them realize that even […]

A New Science Chapter for Fort Bend County

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is investing in the educational and recreational future of Fort Bend County with a revamped experience at the historic George Observatory and a new nature program with key, local experts at the helm, working in collaboration with our friends at Brazos Bend State Park. The George Observatory will reopen […]

HMNS In Our Nature | Experiencing the Outdoors from the Ground Up

Sugar Land resident Erin Mills, formerly the director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Hermann Park campus, will head up a new nature program at the HMNS Sugar Land campus and the George Observatory. The Sugar Land nature program will be primarily located in the Outdoor Learning Center and a newly-installed butterfly garden. As […]

Fill in the Blanks with Accessibility Programs Manager Matti Hammett

Everyone on staff at the Houston Museum of the Natural Science is dedicated to making sure that every inch of the museum is accessible to each patron that comes through our doors. One of those people whose job revolves around this is Accessibility Programs Manager Matti Hammett. Hammett has been on the HMNS team in […]

Daylight Saving Time Springs Forward | March 2021 Sky Happenings

Mars continues to fade a little bit each night now that Earth has overtaken it and is pulling away. However, it fades out gradually; Mars remains almost as bright as the stars around it in March 2021. And Mars is high in the west–well placed for observing right as night falls.  Jupiter and  Saturn are the morning sky […]

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