Praying Mantises: Masters of Disguise

Praying mantises are true masters of disguise. Like many insects (and other animals), mantises will use their cryptic appearance to blend into the environment. For praying mantises, camouflaging has two-fold benefits. For one, mantises are preyed on by many animals- including birds, lizards, frogs, small mammals and even larger mantises. Staying hidden from these predators […]

Enjoying Wildlife with Visual Impairments

Editor’s Note: This article, by our Wildlife curator Dan Brooks, PhD., was co-authored by HMNS Accessibility Programs Manager Matti Wallin and Marcia Moore, OD, FCOVD, ABO Diplomate of Bellaire Family Eye Care. Nearly everyone enjoys wildlife, but sometimes it can be challenging to get good views when you’re out in nature!  As February is Low […]

Lunar New Year | February 2022 Sky Happenings

Sky Map for February 2022

Jupiter remains in the west southwest as night falls.  However, Jupiter gets slightly lower each evening at sunset, until by mid-month it is getting lost in the Sun’s glare.  Once it’s gone, we’ll have no evening planets until August. Venus has entered the morning sky this month.  Venus outshines everything except the Sun and the […]

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