Indigenous Cowboys: The Living History of Native Americans in Rodeo

Editor’s Note: Anna Dean, Collections Technician, highlights the Indigenous influences found in a cultural phenomenon known as the rodeo. It’s Rodeo season in Houston, which means that dozens of athletes from across the United States and Canada will be competing in events like steer wrestling, barrel racing, and bull riding. Among these contestants are three […]

Daylight Savings Time | March 2023 Sky Happenings

Editor’s Note: We are looking up as HMNS Astronomer James Wooten explains the sky happenings for the month of March with a reminder that Daylight Savings Time is upon us. Jupiter is still in the evening sky as March begins.   However it appears a little lower in the west at dusk each evening as Venus […]

Cockrell Butterfly Center Emerges this Spring

Written by Cockrell Butterfly Center Manager Lauren Davidson The Cockrell Butterfly Center is best known for its, well, butterflies. Throughout history, the life cycle of the butterfly has been a symbol of rebirth and transformation. As many of you know, we have been closed since last September to allow the building to have a metamorphosis […]

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