From Mouses To Moon Landings, We Have It All This Week At HMNS

It’s that time of year again: the weather’s changing, the jingle bells are ringing and there’s an infectious energy in the air that just makes you want to go out and have some family fun! Well, what better place for that than the Houston Museum of Natural Science?  This week’s schedule is packed with all sorts […]

What The Pilgrims Really Ate On The First Thanksgiving

  When you gather with your family around the Thanksgiving table this year, you can expect to see a few iconic holiday dishes. Most likely there will be a turkey; maybe mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and dressing. And don’t forget the sweets, there’s cranberry sauce to liven up your savory dishes and also pumpkin […]

Holiday Fun For Everyone At HMNS

Thanksgiving is a very special time of the year. Some of us eagerly anticipate reuniting with our loved ones, sharing stories of the past with the old, anticipating the future (especially the coming Christmas holiday) with the young. Others of us may feel a little overwhelmed at the logistics of these gatherings and the minor […]

Ambition, Death and Political Intrigue: The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving

We all know Thanksgiving as the day the Pilgrims of Plymouth celebrated surviving their first year in the Americas by inviting their Native American friends over for three days of feasting and games, but the truth is a little more complex than that. While constant raiding and warfare between Native Americans and English settlers plagued the […]

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