2020 Science Recap: The Non-COVID Edition

Whether you optimistically jumped into the new year or took small baby steps, we can all agree that last year was one for the books. Not only did 2020 became synonymous with adversity, disappointment, and frustration, but we were inundated by dismal news for so long that we probably forgot there was any other kind. […]

From the Curator | Old Beads Get New Lease of Life

Most of the museum’s Egyptian collections are on display in the Hall of Ancient Egypt,  supplemented by loans from other institutions. What is kept in our object storage is generally material that’s not so exciting, well preserved, or important. For a long time, though, there was an exception: this mound of loose beads. Made of […]

Science Literacy Night @ HMNS | Become A Paper Engineer

When I am on my own, I can be easily crumbled. When I am folded, I can fly. If you use me correctly, I can build a structure as high as the sky. What am I? If you guessed paper, you got it right! Paper is an extremely versatile resource that we use to take […]

HMNS Debunks Popular Blood Donation Myths

Now through the end of May 2021, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has partnered up with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to become a pop-up blood donation destination. Although not all of us may feel comfortable with donating our bodies to science, as seen in our latest special exhibit, a pint of blood […]

Two Giants Return to the Sun’s Glare| January 2021 Sky Happenings

Mercury makes a rare appearance in the southwest at dusk.  Pick a site with a clear southwestern horizon, and look right above the point of sunset. You can watch Mercury pass Saturn (on the 9th) and Jupiter (on the 10th and 11th) as it enters the evening sky.  It returns to the Sun’s glare by […]

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