The Origin of Our Calendar and Why George Washington has Two Birthdays

The more you study time, the more meaningless the concept, which is a cultural construct, seems. For example, did you know that George Washington was born on Fedruary 11, 1731 and February 22, 1732? It may seem impossible, but it happened thanks to Protestantism!     Our story of George Washington’s birth years starts with ancient […]

What Do Dino’s Dream of Doing in 2019?

Congratulations everyone! We’ve almost made it through the second decade of the (still) new millennium. It’s been tough at times but at least our species isn’t extinct yet, and as someone who works at a natural science museum I know better than most what an accomplishment that is. Have you been thinking about your goals […]

That Time Santa Punched A Renowned Cleric In The Face

We all know Santa Claus as the chubby old guy in a red velvet suit who gives us present if we’re good boys and girls and sometimes gives us coal (or worse, switches) if we’ve been bad. We generally consider him a nice guy, even though he stalks us throughout the year and then passes […]

New Year New Horizons: Ring in 2019 with ‘Ultima Thule’

In July 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft dazzled us all with our first ever close up pictures of Pluto, a world which had appeared in textbooks previously only as a speck of light with an arrow pointed at it. However, New Horizons is not done. At 11:33 pm CST on New Year’s Eve 2018 (thus, […]

How Christmas Changed Film: Cutting The First Christmas Classic

The holiday season in the 21st century. Your boarding pass has been booked, the casserole is wrapped, and that amazon prime shipping saved you last minute. We can work on procrastination after the new year. For now it’s time for festivities, eating hearty, sharing hearth, and most importantly, the inevitable escape to the silver screen. […]

Pixel Party Recap: An Artist’s Perspective on the Wiess Energy Hall

HMNS Pixel Parties are small, informal after hours gatherings of professional photographers held at our main campus quarterly. Each party is hosted in a different exhibit and during the two hour event attendee’s have free range to capture anything they want, any way they want. Needless to say, a lot of creative experimentation goes on […]

Stay Warm And Merry At HMNS Events This Week!

  Feeling chilled to the bone after all this cold, wet weather we’ve been having? Come to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and bask in the soft warm glow of scientific enlightenment! We’ve decked our halls with Christmas Trees decorated by local charity organizations, converted our Cockrell Butterfly Center into a winter wonderland (but […]

A Photographic Expedition of Yellowstone National Park

    In the spring of 2017 HMNS’ resident photographer Mike Rathke went on a photographic expedition of Yellowstone National Park with his father, Ron. Together this father-son professional photographer team captured some of the most splendid sights to be seen not only in North America, but all over the world. Today on Beyond Bones […]

HMNS’ Guide to Astronomical Events in December 2018

  Can the stars tell you about your future? No. But our resident astronomer James Wooten can tell you what stars to look for in the future! This December is an action packed month, celestially speaking. First off, we have a comet approaching, followed by a whole lot of meteors. Not happy news for our […]

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