Rules of the Rainforest | Inside the Cockrell Butterfly Center

Up view of conservancy of green plants in sunlight

Visiting the Cockrell Butterfly Center is a wonderful, sometimes cathartic experience. To make sure every plant, animal, and human has the best experience possible, I sat down with CBC Manager, Lauren Davidson, to document a helpful list of so-called “Do’s and Don’ts” to consider when visiting our fluttery friends. Don’t worry, it’s mostly a fun […]

Why that Rock in Your Backyard is (Almost) Never a Dinosaur Egg

Man sits in dirty taking photo of large fossilized bone peeking out of the earth

At least once a week, David Temple receives a breathless message about an oddly-shaped rock or stony object some individual came across in their backyard or while on a nature hike. Almost everyone thinks they have found a priceless paleontological artifact that will change their lives forever. Sorry, but it’s not a dinosaur egg. As […]

Summer Solstice | June 2022 Sky Happenings

Distant view of plant earth from within a spacecraft

Editor’s Note: Each month, the astronomers of the Burke Baker Planetarium shed starlight on the night’s sky happenings. Take note of what’s out there for June 2022. Venus remains in the morning sky this month.  Venus outshines everything except the Sun and the Moon, so you can try to find it low in the east […]

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