Johnny Hemberger

Johnny never outgrew his natural curiosity. From all facets of science to geek culture, you can find him looking through a telescope, playing retro video games on his customized arcade machine, or cruising around in his famous, time-traveling movie car. Yep. He has a Delorean, because of course he would. You can catch Johnny exploring all things fascinating on the HMNS YouTube channel!

Rules of the Rainforest | Inside the Cockrell Butterfly Center

Up view of conservancy of green plants in sunlight

Visiting the Cockrell Butterfly Center is a wonderful, sometimes cathartic experience. To make sure every plant, animal, and human has the best experience possible, I sat down with CBC Manager, Lauren Davidson, to document a helpful list of so-called “Do’s and Don’ts” to consider when visiting our fluttery friends. Don’t worry, it’s mostly a fun […]

Exploring the Night Sky with Astrophotography

Image of the moon through a telescope

At the risk of sounding overly cliché, astrophotography is a hobby that is effortless to start and virtually impossible to master. Smartphones are so powerful now that almost anyone can point it towards the Moon and snap a decent picture. At its most basic, that is astrophotography. However, venturing into the gulf between a Moon […]