HMNS Asks | Were dinosaurs good moms?

Juvenile and adult Edmontosaurus fossil display

With a name that means “terrible lizards”, you would expect dinosaurs to be terrifying and unfeeling brutes. Recent research, however, has revealed that even the most fearsome giants might have had a softer and more compassionate side, especially when it came to parenting. One dinosaur, in particular, has shown strong evidence for providing extended child care.

Perseid Meteor Shower | August 2021 Sky Happenings

Venus remains in the evening sky this month.  Venus outshines everything except the Sun and the Moon, so it is unmistakable low in the west at dusk. Jupiter and  Saturn are up all night long this month.  Saturn is at opposition on August 2, while Jupiter is at opposition on August 19.  A planet comes to […]


A smiling woman stands in front of a T. rex fossil display

I am an African American female sitting at home at my work desk in my black and red gaming chair. My hair is black, shoulder length and straight. Today I’ve decided to wear a black shirt with blue shorts because it can get pretty warm inside during these summer months. Alternative music blasts from my […]

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