Social Distancing with Sea Shells and HMNS Collections

Museums collect objects from around the world that allow us to contribute to education and scientific research. Here at the Houston Museum of Natural Science these objects take a variety of forms and you can easily see the range of our collections as you walk through our halls. While many of the objects on display […]

Tyger Tyger Burning Bright: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Written in 1794, William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” remarks on the ferocity of this large Felid. When my museum colleagues asked me to hammer out this piece, the first thing that ran through my mind was rejoicing at the opportunity to misspell the name of the tiger (Panthera tigris), as Blake did in what is […]

Useful Today, Useful Tomorrow: Record Keeping with HMNS Collections

People who dedicate their life to a museum of course have a love for artifacts, specimens, etc.  We also LOVE information in the many forms found in a museum: paper files, old hand-written inventory and accession books, the small paper tags attached to each item, little notes left behind on a shelf next to an […]

Spy on your (Wild) Neighbors

Have you suddenly found yourself stuck at home with an abundance of time on your hands? Go outside and see what the neighbors are doing! Don’t have a backyard? Luckily, you can even watch your neighbors through a window! Our wildlife neighbors are busy going about business as usual, doing their standard daily commutes, picking […]

Live Animals of HMNS Thrive During Social Distancing

These days the Houston Museum of Natural Science is a quiet place. The field trippers are all at home, the teachers, too. The grand hall has an eerie stillness. Luke Jerram’s Moon hangs lonely in the Glassell Hall. The paleo lab is closed. The pendulum is still swinging, by the way, but no one is […]

Excellence in Science and Mathematics Student Scholarships and Teacher Awards

Written by Scott Stevenson Through the generosity of the Cockrell Foundation, The Houston Museum of Natural Science is proud to offer the Evelyn Frensley Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Science or Mathematics and the Wilhelmina C. Robertson Excellence in Science or Mathematics Teaching Award. Four annual awards of $2,000 go to two high school juniors, […]

A Whole New Amuletic World with Hall of Ancient Egypt Curator

While the Museum is closed I thought I’d share some photographs of objects in the Hall of Ancient Egypt that might not get as much attention as they deserve. These four little pieces, all under an inch tall, are today’s subjects for some time in the limelight. Concern for one’s place in an uncertain and […]

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