From the Curator: Ancestors Lurking in the Shadows

Science tracks down the presence of elusive early humans. In the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s display on human evolution, there is a backlit mural representing our family tree. It goes back to 55 million years ago, and takes us all the way up to today, showcasing modern humans and all of our living primate […]

Mars Higher and Brighter Each Day | September 2020 Sky Happenings

Jupiter and  Saturn are in the south at dusk this month.  Look south in the early evening for the two planets which will be about 6 degrees apart.  Jupiter outshines every star up at night.    Mars is higher and brighter in the morning sky each day this month.  Look high in the southwest at dawn.  […]

From Our Collections: Lucy is in the Building

Those who are frequent visitors to the Morian Hall of Paleontology might have noticed that a familiar face has reappeared. The very last section of the exhibit hall now shows a life-sized version of a female Australopithecus afarensis. Not just any afarensis, mind you, but rather a fleshed-out model of the famous Lucy. One can […]

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