A Letter To Santa | Written by Charro the Iguana

Charro the iguana in the grand hall as main focus with young girl wearing mask blurred in background

Dear Santa, Hey big guy, it’s your boy Charro at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Cockrell Butterfly Center. I’m the green iguana that gets all the media attention. They use me to promote everything, from memberships to shopping. They call me green even though I am mostly orange. I don’t make the rules. Anyhow, […]

Monumental Merit Earned with Scouts@HMNS

137 + 1.  That’s how many Merit Badges Benjamin Coveler has earned from the Boy Scouts of America. Currently offering 137, Benjamin earned the Computers Merit Badge which was discontinued in 2014. It was later replaced with the Digital Technology Merit Badge, which he also earned. Earning them all is an incredible accomplishment, which is […]

From the Curator | How Many Mollusks Have You Eaten?

Did you know that much of the seafood we eat is part of the family called MOLLUSKS?  If you have eaten Oysters, Mussels, Clams, Scallops and even Calamari you have eaten mollusks.  The mollusk family is one of the most varied groups of animals on earth.  So you are probably familiar with the ones already […]

Two Planets Drifting Together | November 2020 Sky Happenings

Jupiter and  Saturn are in the southwest at dusk this month. Look south-southwest in the early evening for the two planets which will be about 5 degrees apart. You’ll see Jupiter noticeably closer to Saturn each week; they are just over 2 degrees apart by November 30. (Saturn is moving too, but even more slowly than Jupiter). By […]

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