Tina Petway

Curator of Malacology, Tina Petway, and has been a lover of the beach's many treasures since a young girl. Collecting and studying seashells was a hobby and passion passed down from her mother. She later went from volunteering at HMNS to heading research of the over 3 million shells homed in the museum's collection. Her love for these shells and creatures of the sea also stands as a muse for her artistry in mosaics.

From the Curator: Spikes and Spines

What is so great about a Mollusk shell having spines or spikes? We could say they are pretty and even spectacular, and that would be true. However, they actually have a very specific purpose in the life of mollusks.  Let us imagine we are a Clam (Bivalve). We do not have hands or tentacles that […]

From the Curator | How Many Mollusks Have You Eaten?

Did you know that much of the seafood we eat is part of the family called MOLLUSKS?  If you have eaten Oysters, Mussels, Clams, Scallops and even Calamari you have eaten mollusks.  The mollusk family is one of the most varied groups of animals on earth.  So you are probably familiar with the ones already […]