Charro Iguana

Charro is the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s hospitality liaison. His offices inside the Cockrell Butterfly Center are open daily. When he’s not in charge of visitor engagement and animal encounters, he can be found in his habitat lounging under a lamp or posing for photos with fans.

On Retirement | A Letter from Charro

In just a few weeks I will be turning 22 years old. That’s a long time for a green iguana. According to the internet, that makes me over 130 years old in human years, which is just WOW.  I have spent the better part of life as the “spokesiguana” for the museum and it’s coming […]

A Letter To Santa | Written by Charro the Iguana

Charro the iguana in the grand hall as main focus with young girl wearing mask blurred in background

Dear Santa, Hey big guy, it’s your boy Charro at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Cockrell Butterfly Center. I’m the green iguana that gets all the media attention. They use me to promote everything, from memberships to shopping. They call me green even though I am mostly orange. I don’t make the rules. Anyhow, […]

A letter from Charro the Iguana

By Charro  Hey y’all what’s up, it’s Charro here, your resident green iguana here at the museum. You might have seen me on walks around the grand hall with my caretaker. I am the orange and green guy latched onto someone’s shoulder.  I miss seeing everyone, quite honestly, even the teenagers who try and get […]