A letter from Charro the Iguana

March 25, 2020
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By Charro 

Hey y’all what’s up, it’s Charro here, your resident green iguana here at the museum. You might have seen me on walks around the grand hall with my caretaker. I am the orange and green guy latched onto someone’s shoulder.

I miss seeing everyone, quite honestly, even the teenagers who try and get selfies with me for their SnapTok or whatever it is.

I know everyone has been asking about the Cockrell Butterfly Center where I live. During this wild global pandemic I am holding down the fort inside here. Theresa, one of my handlers, and members of the staff are coming up here daily to make sure I haven’t redecorated or otherwise made any changes.

The good news is that I have free range of the place. I have been meeting with some of the butterflies and even the family of turtles to make sure everyone is safe and has what they need.

Nacho, the other iguana, has his own habitat and he says hey. He’s a lot younger than I am and has tons of energy. It must be nice.

I wish I could handle the music in here, though. I heard The Weeknd came out with a new album and I wanted to hear it.

I want everyone out there to remember we are in this thing together. I don’t know much about global pandemics being an iguana and all, but I do know how awesome mankind can be to each other. Especially Houstonians. I am living proof of how loving you all are.

Just keep some social distance for a while and stay inside, like I am. Catch up on your reading, learn a new skill, or just be around your loved ones. Try not to eat all the snacks. Summer’s coming and all.

It’s not fun being away from all of you. I do miss seeing the kids the most and I can’t wait until I can hear all their little voices around here.

For now, I am learning a lot about the daily drama of being a butterfly. You’d think such pretty creatures would be a little more chill. Always fluttering around.

Anyway, I have to run. The green snakes think they found a way to stream Spotify in here so I have to make sure they don’t short circuit anything or worse, make us listen to ‘80s power ballads.

Did you know I turn 21 years old on May 4? That’s Star Wars Day, dudes! For my birthday this year I hope to see all of you.

Love, Charro.

Authored By Charro 

Charro is the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s hospitality liaison. His offices inside the Cockrell Butterfly Center are open daily. When he’s not in charge of visitor engagement and animal encounters, he can be found in his habitat lounging under a lamp or posing for photos with fans.

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