The Full Story of Our Newly Acquired Giant Sapphire, The Siren of the Serendip

Sweet Serendipity Brings One of the World’s Top Sapphires to HMNS Hailing from an island of gemstones, the Siren of Serendip is one of the world’s largest blue sapphires. Considered one of the top five sapphires in the world, the Siren of Serendip weighs a phenomenal 422.66 carats and was discovered almost a century ago […]

Why The World Is Running Out Of Helium

Worldwide shortages of helium are sparking heavy concerns that the noble gas may soon be too scarce to fill our balloons or even provide it’s vital cooling properties to the MRI’s that so many health providers depend on to save lives. In today’s edition of Beyond Bones we’re going to discuss how we got ourselves […]

Late Nights At HMNS Are Great Fun For Everyone!

By Jayme Schlimper, Overnight Program Manager and Curator of Education Collections Hello! I’m back, back again! On today’s exciting adventure, we’re going to take a dive into one of our under-appreciated, under-hyped programs; Late Nights! Everyone is always talking about overnights here at the museum, and for good reason! This spring alone we have school […]

New Leaf Cutter Ant Exhibit at HMNS!

There is a new addition to the Cockrell Butterfly Center Insect Zoo, a colony of leaf-cutter ants housed in a brand new exhibit! This leaf-cutter ant (Atta cephalotes) colony was acquired by the Cockrell Butterfly Center about 2.5 years ago from Guatemala. It began as a small, “softball-sized” colony that now has grown many times […]

Beyond Bones Podcast Season 2

Did you know that your favorite museum is making your new favorite podcast? Welcome to the Beyond Bones Podcast, a science podcast that’s all about looking beyond the bones and beyond the artifacts to explore the personal stories that inspire our collections. We’re back with Season 2, and it’s going to have more episodes and more […]

The Festival of Drunkenness and Other Ancient Vacation Destinations

As this year’s Spring Break Celebrations reach their peak, many college kids are probably partaking in what they believe are the most epic vacations ever. However, history begs to differ, and I’ll explain why in today’s edition of Beyond Bones. Everybody needs a vacation every once in a while. The drive to get away from […]

The Origins of Money and Why It Was Invented

Let’s talk about numismatics. Whoa, hang on now, don’t leave…it may sound overly academic and boring, but trust me, it’s not. Numismatics is all about money, specifically the study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals. I mean who doesn’t like money? We can all relate to money on some level. Am I right? […]

The Best Fossil Hunting Day Trips from Houston

Houston is a wonderful city for many reasons. Unfortunately those reasons do not include awesome fossil hunting spots. I suppose it’s a small price to pay for the great food, amazing academic institutions and a cool music scene we have access to every day in the Bayou City. But still, nothing beats the thrill of […]

Why you sound so good singing in the shower

Consider the bathroom. Ceramic backsplashes, tiled floors, and hardwood surfaces welcome some of us into a new day. Others simply pass through on their final stride to sleep, and while we all may not agree on the scheduling, quite a few us confidently howl our favorite tunes into the warm haze. Now I’m sure there […]

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