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The exhibition halls are quiet. The parking garage is empty. Our butterflies continue to flutter around the Cockrell Butterfly Center. A few scattered staff members tend to our wildlife collection, our dinosaurs, and all of those precious gems and minerals.  You could say the museum is resting while the rest of the world fights this […]

Explore Nature and Become a Citizen Scientist with the iNaturalist App

Spring in Texas is an amazing time. The heat isn’t turned up to 11, the precipitation is questionably predictable and, for those few fortunate amongst us, the pollen coats everything you own. It is also a time when the wildflowers bloom, the critters start reemerging and the mosquitoes haven’t found us…yet. Because it IS getting […]

June bugs are back: What the heck are they?

Chances are if you have found yourself outside after dark in the past few weeks you have encountered a handful of June bugs on the ground. If you have children, they are no doubt collecting them for some sort of strange insect rodeo.  The good news is that they are harmless, that is unless they […]

A letter from Charro the Iguana

By Charro  Hey y’all what’s up, it’s Charro here, your resident green iguana here at the museum. You might have seen me on walks around the grand hall with my caretaker. I am the orange and green guy latched onto someone’s shoulder.  I miss seeing everyone, quite honestly, even the teenagers who try and get […]

Swinging into Action: How our Education Team Is Bringing the Museum to You

When the Houston Museum of Natural Science closed for business on March 16 as the city of Houston buckled down to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 patients, the museum’s educational department swung into action.  HMNS Videographer John Danielson along with VP of Education Nicole Temple, Director of Curriculum and Content Kat Havens, Assistant Director of […]

Educator How-To: Create Your Own Cat (or Dog) Toys

Ever get frustrated after buying your precious fur-baby the nicest, most fancy toys on the market to come home and have them ignore it for some piece of fuzz they dug out of your trashcan? DESPAIR NO MORE, because today we’re going to make them a fancy toy out of that very same trash! So […]

HMNS @ Home | Top 10 Accessible How-To’s

Science happens everywhere. HMNS is just as committed to educating outside of our halls as we are to teaching from within. Here are 10 of our favorite experiments that you and your family can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Educator How-To: Make a Compass With a Fish. A Fish? Yes, a Fish. During […]

What’s In A Birthstone? | Aquamarine

When it comes to Spring Break, my mind wanders to two images. First, a white sandy beach and tropical waters with a book in one hand and a piña colada in the other. A close second is getting lost in the vastness of the Cullen Hall of Gems & Minerals. No other gem recreates this […]

Pi Day | π + Einstein = ∞ Geekery

Once a year, nerds of the world unite in celebration of a positively exponential occasion. Pi Day is the coming together of two events. When written as 3.14, the date becomes the most celebrated digits of all, pi. The day also marks the birthday of the most influential figure in all of modern physics, Albert […]

Dr. Inda Immega | A Gem Amongst Gems

Editor’s Note: We are celebrating Women’s History Month by highlighting a veteran museum docent who calls HMNS “home.” In recent years,women’s unsung triumphs have been breaking the surface, allowing us to sing praises to the heroines of the world of science. With this in mind, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is proud to spotlight […]

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