Back to the Future: How HMNS readied itself for the 21st Century

Between the years 1989 and 2009 the Houston Museum of Natural Science greatly expanded its footprint across the Houston-area, furthering its mission beyond its Hermann Park location in very ambitious ways.  The museum’s scope was changing ahead of a new century, because it had too. Just as Houston was evolving, so was the HMNS family, […]

The Nature of an Assassin: Harnessing Deadly Killers to Fight Pests

Walking into the Cockrell Butterfly Center (CBC), one of the first things you’re likely to notice is the sound of a 50-foot waterfall. The conservatory’s high glass ceiling, forest of lush plants and thousands of fluttering butterflies couldn’t be further removed from the sterile, white walls of a science lab. But just beneath the tropical […]

August Star Blog

Jupiter remains in the evening sky, well placed for observing.  Look low in the south at dusk for the brightest thing there.  Saturn is also in the evening sky.  Although it is not as bright as Jupiter,  you can find it easily at some distance to the left of Jupiter.   Venus and Mars are […]

The Megalodon Swims into the World of Gaming

A photograph of a Megalodon jaw detailing tooth fossils.

Megalodon: The Monster Gets Virtual In celebration of Shark Week’s end, I see no greater reason to push the Mighty Megalodon to the surface. While the modern-day shark seems to be making recent headlines off the shores of Florida and Hawaii by way of attack, I tend to like my sharks a bit more pixelated […]

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