Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: An Egyptologists’ Take on Quarantine Hair

It’s been hard to avoid the online memes and gags about hairdos in the time of corona. Have you let it all go wild, or taken matters into your own hands? As it happens, something in the Hall of Ancient Egypt reminds us that the Egyptians had hair concerns of their own. And, as today, […]

Fill in the Blanks with Curator of Anthropology Dr. Dirk Van Tuerenhout

Whether you need a quick explainer on a key turning point in the history of the Mayan civilization, the New Orleans Saints’ past playoff woes or the subtleties between seasons of “The Simpsons”, there is no person better equipped at the Houston Museum of Natural Science than Dr. Dirk Van Tuerenhout. He speaks five languages, […]

Two at Home Projects for Kids with Sensory Sensitivities

If you’re at home with a kiddo who has sensory sensitivities, it can be difficult to find new things to do. Here are a few activities that we’ve found to be helpful for students who we’ve met at HMNS! If your kiddo also loves to visit HMNS, but isn’t able to at the moment, we […]

The Collections Team on the Road to Reopening

During the time HMNS has been closed, constant attention is given to ensure that collections and buildings are safe and secure and that all systems are functioning as they should. Assigned staff has been making routine checks, paying close attention to collections in special storage. While another portion of the staff has been working throughout […]

Edible Archaeology: Excavate a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Archaeologists keep careful records, as do all scientists. One important way to keep track of their work is by mapping where each artifact is discovered before it is carefully removed.  First, gather your materials: • Chocolate chip cookies with lots of chips • Toothpicks  • Paper towel or plate to work on • Cookie grid […]

Flying but Fleeting | Migratory Birdwatching in Texas

Due to our southern location and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Houston and the surrounding bay area are hot spots for seasonal bird migration. We are home to a lot of avid, eager birdwatchers anxiously awaiting to check off their “life list.” Houston sits along the Central Flyway and Mississippi Flyway, which means we […]

An Entomologist’s Take on the “Murder Hornet”

Have you heard or seen the term “murder hornet” recently? Of course you have. You cannot get online or turn on a television without the phrase practically screamed at your face. Poorly-worded media reports have generated a large amount of viral and nonsensical hooplah online, and I am here to help set the record straight […]

Maya Writing | How Ancient Texts Connect Us to People of the Past

When we survey the field of pre-Contact indigenous cultures in the Americas, the ancient Maya are by far the one we know the most about. Like other cultures, the Maya have left us a very rich archaeological record. We can excavate and investigate their cities; we can be awed by the extensive time depth of […]

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