Why You Might As Well Eat Cockroaches This Crawfish Season

Everyone loves crayfish, or crawfish as most people I know call them. The delicious little swamp bug tantalizes the taste buds of millions of Americans every year. What most connoisseurs don’t know, however, is that the creatures we’re putting in our mouths are closely related to the pests we squash at fist sight. Recent genetic […]

One Small Win For Monarch Butterflies! The Best Eastern Migration in Ten Years

In a year full of bad headlines involving insects (insects populations declining globally, National Butterfly Center, one of America’s richest butterfly habitats threatened by Trump’s wall, Western migratory monarch population drops by 87%), one ray of light stands out, giving us a shimmer of hope: The Mexican migratory monarch population is seeing it’s highest numbers […]

Iconic Texas Symbols That Are Not Texan

With today being Go Texan day, I thought it would be a good time to highlight a few iconic symbols of Texas that actually have their origins outside the Lone Star State. So let’s jump right into the list: 1. Stetson Hats Nothing says Texan like a Stetson, right? Well interestingly the invention of the […]

Out Of Left Field: Are You Really Right Handed?

For millenia humanity has been haunted by one burning question: What’s the deal with all these lefties? Answers to this question have varied over the years. In the middle ages popular explanations for south paw-ism included demonic possession and witchcraft. In the 19th century left handedness was associated with ignorance and laziness. Even today some […]

The Tale Of The Mediocre President Who Gave Us Texas

Texas has a weird and eclectic history filled with more iconoclastic characters than you can shake a stick at, but in honor of President’s Day I thought I’d put the spotlight on a particularly important character in the grand performance of Texas history: John Tyler. I know what you’re thinking. John who? And that statement […]

HMNS’ Urban Birdwatching Guide for Houston

Surprisingly enough, Houston has more green space than most other cities in North America. With that green space comes wildlife. But how much do we know about the animals we share our city with? Today’s edition of Beyond Bones will attempt to fill at least some of the gaps in our knowledge on that subject. […]

Is Darwin relevant today?

By Scott Solomon Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution in the middle of the 19th century. Are his ideas still relevant today? Remarkably, even though Darwin’s insights on evolution were based on little more than observations and the results of simple experiments he conducted in his home, his insights have largely withstood the test […]

Oh The Hermannity! The Story of Houston’s Most Beautiful Green Space

It’s February and we’re finally past the most miserable phase of Houston’s trademark cold and soggy winter. Every once in a while we’re getting those perfect golden days of sun and warm (but not too warm) weather and many of us are already looking forward to enjoying the outdoors. With that in mind I thought […]

Solve Mysteries In The Museum With Our Sleuths and Secrets Program

By Jayme Schlimper, Overnight Programs Manager and Curator of Educations Collections Hello! I’m back! Apparently I didn’t do too bad last time so I’ve been invited back to the blog! Lucky for you, we’re going to talk about something different but still stay within my realm of expertise – educational and after-hours programming. This is […]

HMNS’ Guide To The Night Sky In February 2019

 Taurus, the Bull is high in the south.  Look for the Pleiades star cluster above reddish Aldebaran.  Dazzling Orion, the Hunter takes center stage on winter evenings.  Surrounding Orion are the brilliant stars of winter.  Orion’s belt points down to Sirius, the Dog Star, which outshines all other stars we ever see at night.  The […]

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