Biophilia: A Healthy Obsession

I have an obsessive-type personality, especially when it comes to science and history. I can regale just about anyone with my vast stores of information in a good number of subject areas. I often recount, in sometimes excruciatingly vivid detail, seemingly endless esoteric facts on subjects ranging from medicinal cannibalism to the effects of sexually […]

Our Discovery Guides Have A Mammoth Time At The Gault Site

It is a common belief among non-Texans that we have too much pride in our state, but I personally believe that we Texans don’t have enough pride and today’s edition of Beyond Bones provides good justification for that opinion. Last week I was lucky enough to get the chance to tag along when our Discovery […]

The Sensation Migration: How Chilis Rocked The World!

It’s International Hot Sauce Day and in honor of this auspicious date let’s take a look at at how chilis have rocked our world and spiced not only our pizza slices (shout out to Tobasco) but our entire lives. We tend to take them for grated today, but there was a time when spicy food […]

Are Zombies Real? Our Education Team Investigates!

Monsters have played a pivotal role in all cultures since the beginning of human existence. They are a convenient device used to explain all manner of evil and bad luck, from disease to death and beyond. Monsters play a unifying role amongst people, encouraging group solidarity, in an effort to protect against the ‘other’ or […]

Alfred Glassell And His Really Big Fish

Walking into the Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. Hall, the central hall in our general exhibitions, the first thing most visitors lay their eyes on is the giant black marlin mounted behind glass in the back of the gallery. The massive fish is a magnet for visitors, with more than one prospective bass-pro posing for pictures […]

Want To Start A Museum career? Here’s How To Do it.

By Jayme Schlimper, Overnight Program Manager and Curator of Education Collections Hi! I’m Jayme and I don’t come here (the blog) often, but I’m psyched to be here. I wanted to talk about some awesome opportunities we have for college students that many people don’t even know we have! It’s a shame, and I’m here […]

Learning more about the Foucalt Pendulum at HMNS

This week we hung out with the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s vice president of astronomy Dr. Carolyn Sumners and talked about the Foucalt Pendulum here at the museum. The occasion? January 8 is Earth’s Rotation Day, one of those wild not-a-real-holiday holidays that we only celebrate on the internet. VISITING THE STARS: Learn more […]

Are Emojis The Same As Hieroglyphs?

The “back to hieroglyphs” meme, it’s one of those memes that won’t die. But is there any truth to it?  Today on Beyond Bones we’re going to find out! Although our increasingly complex and diverse store of emoticons may visually resemble the famous script of the ancient Egyptians, in truth emoji’s are a lot more […]

All Your Questions About The Upcoming Super Blood Wolf Moon Answered

Word of an impending super blood wolf moon is spreading like wildfire through the press, leaving many Houstonians feeling a strange combination of anticipation and curiosity, with perhaps a slight twinge of fear due to the ominous sounding title. What exactly is a super blood wolf moon? And is it really all that special? Today […]

Revisiting a Piece of Houston TV history in the HMNS archives

Tucked away inside the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s extensive off-site archives, among taxidermy and specimens galore from over a century of collecting, stands a piece of Houston television history on three rickety wheels. It was in 1971 that the team at KPRC-TV donated one of its studio cameras to HMNS. For years it stood […]

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