How Photography Changed History In More Ways Than You Think

It’s National Camera Day, which is a particularly relevant holiday to our institution since we just opened our new special exhibition In Focus, which is basically an immersive art space where you can go and take really cool pictures of yourself and your friends. Seeing all the visitors who have come to the exhibit to […]

HMNS Travel Guide: The Buffalo Soldiers in Texas

Today on Beyond Bones I’m going to offer up a few potential travel destinations for those of you who like to visit little-known and seldom explored places that have awesome histories. The destinations in question are a string of ruined forts that date back to the era when West Texas was a still a lawless […]

Why the Far Side of the Moon is so Different from the Near Side?

When you come see our giant scale model Moon and walk around it, you’ll notice how different the near side (which always faces us) is from the far side (which we never see). Large, dark lava flows called ‘maria’ cover almost a third (31.2%) of the near side but only 1% of the far side. […]

The Real Moon Hoax That You Haven’t Heard Of

Most of us are familiar with the crazy moon landing conspiracy theories that were sparked soon after Apollo 11 returned to Earth, but hardly anybody knows about the real moon hoax that occurred more than a hundred years before America’s Space Program was even conceived. On August 25, 1835 The Sun, a penny-press newspaper based […]

The Bone Wars: A Real Life Battle For Bones

Today on Beyond Bones I’m going to tell you a story of two Victorian Academics who spent the majority of their careers going to absolutely ridiculous lengths to out-science each other in a decades long clash of brains and ego. The feud has come to be called the “Bone Wars” by Paleontologists and its effects […]

Hilarious Stuff Kids Say At Our Museum

By Jayme Schlimper, Overnight Program Manager and Curator of Education Collections If you’re looking for a laugh today, you’re in the right spot. Everyone knows that kids say the darndest things and now that Summer Camps@HMNS is in full swing there have been quite a few interesting conversations I’ve overheard in the hallways. Here are […]

Why Does Satan Like The Violin So Much?

Violins are amazingly versatile instruments; they are equally at home whining their melodies in symphony orchestras in New York as they are on front porches in Appalachia. Apparently, they are even appreciated in Hell. For those of us who have heard the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band (and I imagine that’s most us) the […]

HMNS’ Guide to the Night Sky in Houston, June 2019

Today on Beyond Bones, HMNS’ resident astronomer James Wooten shows us what to look for in the night sky this month. Mars is low in the west northwest at dusk.  This is the last month to see it easily, as it now sets in twilight. Mercury enters the evening sky, approaching within ½ degree of […]

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