Girl Scouts Share Their GEMS Experience

With Girls Exploring Math & Science (GEMS) just around the corner, we are excited to share the story of our first place Student STEM Ambassador group from last year – Girl Scout Troop 24987. Each year at GEMS, we have students in grades 4 thru 12 participate in GEMS as Student STEM Ambassadors. They prepare […]

How We Made | The Great Museum Race

14 stations. 2 players. 1 museum. These are the key components to an event designed to challenge the body, mind and fears that lurk within. In a journey through the halls, participants must rely not only on their skills, knowledge and courage, but also those of their partner. Only time will tell who will rise […]

HMNS Weekly Happenings

From exciting lectures and behind the scenes tours to an all-around adventure, there is never a dull moment here at the museum! Check out our weekly happenings below. Monday, January 27 LECTURE – HIDDEN IN LIGHT: PALEONTOLOGY’S REVOLUTIONARY IMAGING RESEARCH BY MIKE EKLUND 6:30 PM · WORTHAM GIANT SCREEN THEATRE Paleontologist Mike Eklund will discuss the improved methods […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: How Photography Techniques Are Helping Us Dig Deeper

They say that “seeing is believing,” but you’d be wise to trust more than just your eyes. Mike Eklund, Research Associate at the University of Texas, recently conducted a training session  in the museum’s fossil prep lab, and he told a story of just how much our eyes can deceive us. A university’s paleontology collection […]

HMNS Weekly Happenings

There’s always something to learn at the museum! These exhibits widen our eyes and take us to places far beyond Texas borders. Check out our weekly happenings below. Endless Love FUNDRAISING EVENT Want to show your Valentine that your love will last forever? Say it with a cockroach. You don’t have to capture and gift wrap a cockroach […]

What’s In A Birthstone?: Garnet

Editor’s Note: Concierge Kathleen Edinburgh gives us some insight on birthstones. The history of birthstones is ancient, varied, and, as all such things from ancient days, has changed much over the course of time. Some attribute birthstone’s origins to the 12 Tribes of Jerusalem, while others related them to the celestial bodies we associate with the […]

HMNS Weekly Happenings

There’s always something to learn at the museum! Whether your New Years resolution is to learn something new or you’re helping your Scout earn badges, HMNS has something for you. Check out our weekly happenings below. Tuesday, January 14 BEHIND THE SCENES – CHALLENGE USING LEGO® BRICKS 6:00 PM · THE ART OF THE BRICK […]

Raining Cats, Not Dogs: A Curator’s Take on our Updated Exhibit

Editor’s Note: HMNS Curator of the Hall of Ancient Egypt gives an insider’s look into a newly loaned piece on display.  A new loan in the Hall of Ancient Egypt is an arresting reminder of the fact that Westerners have been making myths (and fun) of Pharaonic Egypt for a very long time. Nineteenth century […]

January Star Blog

Venus is even higher in the evening sky this month.  Look in the southwest at dusk for the brightest thing there. Mars is higher in the morning sky each day this month.  Look low in the east at dawn. Jupiter begins to emerge into the morning sky this month.  Look low in the southeast at […]

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