HMNS 2019: A Year in Review

2019 was such an epic year, we’re counting down 19 of our favorite moments before 2020! This August we renovated our George W. Strake Hall of Malacology. A look into mollusks and the shells they once called home, this permanent exhibit showcases over 1,300 of these underwater gems. Curator Tina Petway is also proud to […]

This Holiday Season, it’s Snowing Butterflies!

From now through January 5th, you can step into the Cockrell Butterfly Center for a truly unique Holiday event. You will be surrounded by beautiful white flowers and twinkling lights, while delicate white butterflies dance around you and festive music gets you into the holiday spirit. This time of year, Houston’s mild climate can leave […]

Creating an Illustrated Guide to HMNS

When we started working on this Family Guide more than a year ago, we knew we wanted to create a massive, imaginative illustration of our Museum and its many objects. To do that, we would have to find the perfect artist to bring our creative vision to life. Enter, local artist Bill Ferguson! Bill’s artistic […]

12 Days of HMNS

As the holidays draw near, the halls of HMNS bring us Christmas cheer! We may not have a partridge in a pear tree, but with five floors of exhibit halls, the museum offers more than just 12 ways to make your winter break merry and bright. Try to count down the 12 Days of HMNS […]

December Star Blog

Venus continues to emerge into the evening sky this month. Look low in the southwest at dusk for the brightest thing there. Saturn is also in the southwestern evening sky. Watch Venus approach and pass it on December 11. Mars is higher in the morning sky each day this month. Look low in the east […]

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