Where do baby bugs come from?

Not everyone thinks bugs are cute… but what about their babies?! Just like their vertebrate counterparts, baby bugs will often elicit an “awwwwwww!” Many of the residents of the Cockrell Butterfly Center’s insect zoo were bred and raised in-house (especially Orthoptera and Phasmida). Eggs are collected and incubated until tiny little babies hatch out. Their […]

Mindful Journaling | My Love for the BuJo

New school year, new regular year, new job, new anything- I always want to make sure I’m starting off on the right foot by staying organized. I’d buy fancy planners and pens, new folders, multi-packs of different size sticky notes, anything that gives the appearance that I’m organized and prepared from here to Armageddon. But […]

Artemis I to Launch | September 2022 Sky Happenings

Editor’s Note: Look to the skies as HMNS Astronomer James Wooten explains the sky happenings for the month of September, including the highly anticipated postponement of the Artemis I launch. Jupiter is up literally all night long this month.  Look for it low in the east at nightfall.  Opposition (when Sun, Earth, and Jupiter are […]

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