HMNS Weekly Happenings

BTS – Mapping Texas: From Frontier to the Lone Star State Featuring maps dating from 1513 to 1920, the special exhibition traces more than 400 years of Texas history. Through this unique presentation of cartographic history, visitors can visualize how the fourth largest city in the US, Houston, and the third most populous county in […]

Second Chance Sunday: What Do Museum Educators Geek Out About?

The Beyond Bones Blog has been up and running for almost ten years now, and that’s great! But our readership rates haven’t always been as high as they are now. It’s been a long process, getting word out that HMNS has a lot of cool stories to share, so there a lot of great old […]

Revealing The Science Behind Baking With A Geode Cake Experiment!

  I like to bake. I really, really like to bake.  But I don’t have a problem. I can stop whenever I want…..   I have no formal training other than my mom was a Home Ec. Teacher and I have access to the internet.  I do, however, come from a long line of people […]

Hawaii—a geology nerd’s wonderland

The band of Patels from two years ago in the Canadian Rockies is back, and this time, 16 of us visited Hawaii for some rest, relaxation and rocks! While the pristine beaches and amazing cultural significance of Hawaii attract many tourists to the islands, my family was just as interested in checking off two more […]

HMNS Weekly Happenings

Lecture – Crinoids – Drifting Ecosystems of Ancient Seas by David Temple During the Paleozoic, crinoids created a virtual forest on the sea floor and created an important ecosystem. These fossils are frequently referred to as “sea lilies.” However, crinoids are actually animals. Paleontologist David Temple will describe these fascinating sea creatures–from the earliest species […]

A Penguin’s Perspective: Gus Reviews our New Giant Screen Film Penguins 3D

By Gus the Penguin   Squawk squawk squawk’n squawk squawk. Squawk squawk’n Penguins 3D squawk squawk squawk. Squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk’n sqauwk squawk. Squawk squawk squawk’n squawk. Heeeeeeeeeeep, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Squawk squawk squawk squak’n squawk. Squawk squawk squak’n Squawk squawk’n squawk squawk; Squawk squawk squawk squawk’m squawk. Squwak’n squawk squawk sqauwk.  Squawk squawk squawk squawk’n squawk, squawk […]

Body of Evidence: Advanced CSI at HMNS

  Crime scene investigation can be exciting, and a great way to create a love of science in young people. HMNS has a brand new camp experience this year that allows kids to participate in the investigative process in an engaging hands-on fashion. Many topics are explored, including forensic archaeology, bloodstain pattern analysis, and forensic […]

Why Paleontology Can Be A Little Morbid Sometimes.

Often times the most unfortunate catastrophes can produce the finest, most well preserved specimens for scientists to uncover. Just think of Pompeii: a deadly volcanic eruption buried a Roman city in scolding ash, and in the process created a veritable time capsule for Archaeologists a millennium later to investigate. But it not just archaeologists that […]

Make Your Summer Sparkle! Summer Jewelry Trunk Show: ft. Rebecca Lankford July 21

  Fridays in the summer just got more interesting. Between 10 a.m-4p.m we will hold our summer trunk shows. Receive 20 % off, plus membership discount, on the featured designer of the day. The first trunk show will be Rebecca Lankford on July 21st, 2017.     Locally renowned Houston artist, Rebecca Lankford, uses hand […]

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