Tricks or Treats: How to Ghost Your Audience

I am a huge scaredy-cat. Horror movies and spooky stuff are some of my favorite things, but getting me to walk-through a haunted house, be it staged or “real” can be like pulling teeth. A specific family trip to Savannah, Georgia comes to mind. We ended up at the famous Sorrell Weed House, said to […]

The Magic and Mystery of Stonehenge

“But, nobody knows…nobody knows”. This is the refrain from my brother who sits across from me as we sip pre-brunch cocktails. The topic of discussion, you ask? The new special exhibit Stonehenge: Ancient Mysteries and Modern Discoveries at HMNS. It prompts a memory that he clearly finds rather amusing. According to him, “…but nobody knows” […]

T-Rex Goes Postal: A Collaboration of Paleoart and the Postal Service

Some recent celebratory forever stamps have pretty significant ties to HMNS. No, it’s not because they depict the life of a T-Rex. The same artist that created these stunning images, is the mastermind behind the murals within the museum’s paleontology hall! Paleoartist Julius Csotonyi and the United States Postal Service have joined together to give […]

Your Guide to the Best Eats at HMNS

By Christine Dougherty (Editor’s Notes: The Periodic Table is under small renovations. We will update soon.) Exploring our five floors of exhibits can leave you feeling hungry. Fear not! We’ve got you covered. I’ve been working in Visitor Services for over eight years now. I spent the first four of those years in the Box […]

Sugar Land Celebrates Ten Years

HMNS Sugar Land turns ten this year! An anniversary grants the opportunity to gaze into past in hopes of seeing significance in plans for the future. In 2009 the time came for the Houston Museum of Natural Science to come to the suburbs, with the Sugar Land satellite location opening its doors inside a former […]

October Star Blog

Jupiter remains in the evening sky. Look low in the southwest at dusk for the brightest thing there.  Saturn is also in the evening sky. Although it is not as bright as Jupiter,  you can find it easily at some distance to the left of Jupiter.   Venus gradually re-emerges into the evening sky this […]

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