Gabriela Truly

Gabby Truly, Director of Collections. I joined the HMNS family in September 2019 after spending 35 years in art museums across Texas. The move to a Natural Science museum means I now not only work with an incredible group of colleagues, but also get to work with an amazing array of specimens and artifacts from all over the world. I have always been fascinated by the stars and the ocean, I love butterflies, and who can resist the magic of dinosaurs! From space to the shells on the sand, HMNS has it all!

From Our Collections: Making Use of Quieter Times

The HMNS staff has been putting this quieter time in the galleries to great use.  Over time in every museum, permanent galleries and temporary exhibitions require maintenance.  However, it can be difficult to justify closing a gallery to complete maintenance work when you have visitors wanting to enjoy the collection.   The crew is using the […]

The Collections Team on the Road to Reopening

During the time HMNS has been closed, constant attention is given to ensure that collections and buildings are safe and secure and that all systems are functioning as they should. Assigned staff has been making routine checks, paying close attention to collections in special storage. While another portion of the staff has been working throughout […]

Useful Today, Useful Tomorrow: Record Keeping with HMNS Collections

People who dedicate their life to a museum of course have a love for artifacts, specimens, etc.  We also LOVE information in the many forms found in a museum: paper files, old hand-written inventory and accession books, the small paper tags attached to each item, little notes left behind on a shelf next to an […]

HMNS @ Home | Meet the Collections Team

HMNS staff working from home.  On what?  Science.  Naturally. As you may have seen on our social media pages, in the interest of the safety of both visitors and staff, the Houston Museum of Natural science has had to temporarily close its doors. So what is a Museum Collections Department to do during a time […]