Jayme Schlimper

Jayme joined the Museum team in 2015 as a Youth Education intern and has loved every minute of it! She was hired full-time in Fall of 2016 and realized that cuddling bugs and teaching kids about science are pretty much the best things ever!

How To: Start a Field Journal

If you don’t have one already, a field journal is a must-have for any budding scientist! Field journals are used by all different types of scientists (such as paleontologists, geologists, biologists and many others) in order to record and keep track of the things they learn and observe while working out in the field. These […]

Educator How-To: Create Your Own Cat (or Dog) Toys

Ever get frustrated after buying your precious fur-baby the nicest, most fancy toys on the market to come home and have them ignore it for some piece of fuzz they dug out of your trashcan? DESPAIR NO MORE, because today we’re going to make them a fancy toy out of that very same trash! So […]