Gary has been with the museum since 2011 and has served in a variety of capacities. Since 2015 he has been the Inventory Manager for the Collections Department. As the Inventory Manager he currently helps oversee the 2.5 million+ objects in our collection. His passions include Malacology, Paleontology, and all things natural history related.

Social Distancing with Sea Shells and HMNS Collections

Museums collect objects from around the world that allow us to contribute to education and scientific research. Here at the Houston Museum of Natural Science these objects take a variety of forms and you can easily see the range of our collections as you walk through our halls. While many of the objects on display […]

Museum Collections: Cooler than it Sounds!

Oftentimes we find ourselves in social situations with people we’ve never met before. You may be in a doctor’s office, a school open house, or even at a social event in our Museum. While mingling with new people the same conversations invariably come up, with the subject matter being almost as predictable as your favorite […]