Jacquelyn DiStefano

Jacquelyn has experienced a deep love for all things dinosaur for as long as she can remember. From watching The Land Before Time on VHS as a child to reading scientific journals over the latest discoveries in dinosaur osteology, she has enjoyed it all. It's no surprise that she found herself working at the museum that fascinated her as a child. When she isn't busy cooking up new emails and articles for HMNS Members, she is scouring the internet and book stores for vintage paleontology books to add to her collection.

HMNS Asks | Were dinosaurs good moms?

Juvenile and adult Edmontosaurus fossil display

With a name that means “terrible lizards”, you would expect dinosaurs to be terrifying and unfeeling brutes. Recent research, however, has revealed that even the most fearsome giants might have had a softer and more compassionate side, especially when it came to parenting. One dinosaur, in particular, has shown strong evidence for providing extended child care.

Women of the George | Passion for the Stars

Four women stand in front of a large telescope

Passion. It has a funny way of shaping your life, and for three women, a passion for astronomy brought them all to The George Observatory. Tracy Knauss, Hannah Lange, and Alicia Tristan have all found their way to the George Observatory, working as either staff or volunteers, for years, and the journey that led them […]