Our Marine Biologist Stephanie Reviews “The Meg”

August 17, 2018
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My Thoughts on “The Meg” by Stephanie, the non-fictional Marie Biologist


Caution!! This contains Spoilers!!


Don’t get mad at me if you read this before watching the movie.  I warned you.

-First and foremost. Megalodons are extinct…..

-No shark will continue to try to eat the metal hull of a submarine once they find it’s inedible and could cause ouchies. 

-Right from the beginning, you know Jonas Taylor and Suyin will “get together.

-Any biologist would send the rover through the thermocline first before sending actual people….

-Megalodons’ primary diet were whales.  There’s no way a population would/could live off just squid.  They would start to cannibalize each other then go extinct.

-How would a shark, let alone two sharks, know where to swim through the breach of the thermocline at exactly the right place AND right time??

-The Meg did not eat Toshi.  He died in the explosion.

-One person splashing around would not make a Meg bat its eye.  They wouldn’t waste energy going after something that small.

-Large pelagic sharks cannot sit still to watch a little girl play.  Ram ventilation, y’all.

-The Meg wouldn’t have just left the pod of floating people alone to go after whale sounds.  He would have eaten the people THEN looked for the whales.

-The smaller Meg was a boy, not a girl.  HE had claspers

-The Meg would swim away if hurt.  Not continue on his killing spree.

-Where did all those other sharks come from?? If they were all that close to shore then the beach would have been closed. They could not have swam to the bleeding Meg that fast! It would have taken more time.

-Why didn’t that boy’s Popsicle melt after that long of a time?

-Now that the secret of the Meg is out you know pseudo-scientists and big game hunters with lots of $$$ will make their way past the thermocline to hunt down the other Megalodons, thus destroying an untouched ecosystem and causing the Megs to go extinct…again.

Bonus Material: ”Someone better go down and find the carcass to harvest the teeth.”

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