A prehistoric predicament repeats itself in The Netherlands! See it for yourself in our Paleo Hall

Dutch anglers were all a-titter earlier this year after a man found a dead pike with a zander stuffed inside its mouth, apparently killed by its own appetite:

BBC image of modern-day fish aspiration

The story was picked up by the BBC (you can read the full article here) and struck one of our fans, Emma Baldwin, as being a little bit familiar.

She recognized the modern-day scenario — of a fish dying in an attempt to swallow a fish of nearly the  same size — because it is depicted in our Morian Hall of Paleontology!

Check out this Mioplosus on display in the President’s Select section of the Paleo Hall. It choked swallowing a Diplomystus:

Fish AspirationIt’s a good lesson: Don’t let your eyes food be bigger than your stomach.

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One thought on “A prehistoric predicament repeats itself in The Netherlands! See it for yourself in our Paleo Hall

  1. Thank you for sharing this fascinating story. It is a good example of patterns/nature repeating throughout history. When I was young and didn’t understand why we had to study about “the past” and the teacher/professors would give me an answer that tied past, present and future, I would just smile and bear it. As I matured, of course life revealed the wisdom of history to me. I realize now that I was always fascinated with the stories, but stuggled to keep such great time spans and dates sorted correctly in my memory. I keep outlined references handy and I love to make use of time lines in many reference books. Whether I am watching current news, historical documentaries, movies, etc., I can refer to my historical resources for clarification and verifcation of facts. The HMNS has helped inspire me to learn and appreciate much about my own life and the world/universe throughout time. Thank you to all who are part of its wonderful success! Houston is blessed to have this resource and so much more. Lana Hand

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