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October 16, 2017
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Lecture – The Archives War – The True Story of Moving the Capital of Texas from Houston to Austin by

The Goddess of Liberty on the Texas State Capitol Grounds prior to installation on top of the rotunda, February 1888. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The Archives War was a seminal moment in the history of Texas–and our city Houston. The Archives War helped settle the debate on where the capital of Texas would be, and very few know about it. During this incident, the citizens of Austin that shot a cannon at government officials are often lauded as heroes. A statue was erected in their honor. But, their actions had consequences. Historian James Harkins will examine what happened to cause the Texas Land Commissioner to dodge grape shot, how the resulting stalemate brought a screeching halt to the government of the Republic of Texas, and showed the power of archives.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 – 6:30 PM

Members $12, Tickets $18


ParaNorman 3D

Friday, October 20 at 7:15 p.m.

A misunderstood boy takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-old curse.>


Saturday, Oct. 21 | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Grand Hall at HMNS

It’s OktoberPest at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and it’s your chance to get some bug love! We’ve planned an entire day of activities where you and your family can celebrate the fascinating world of bugs. It’s free with your ticket to the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Members receive free admission and can pick up their complimentary tickets in the box office.

Schedule of Events:

11:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m. & 2:30 p.m. –
Roach Racing: Ready, set, go! Which one of our Madagascar hissing cockroaches will win the race?

12 p.m. – Feeding Frenzy Demo where staff members feed our Praying Mantis, dragonflies and spiders!

1 p.m. –Monarch butterfly release in the butterfly garden

2 p.m.  – Feeding Frenzy demo where staff members feed our Praying Mantis, dragonflies and spiders!

And don’t miss these other activities during Oktoberpest!

  • Dip a cockroach into biodegradable earth-friendly paint and then watch your roach doodle!
  • Adopt a ladybug and take it home to your own garden.
  • Prepare a Milkweed seedling to plant in your own garden.
  • Decorate a delicious cookie in the shape of a ladybug, bee or caterpillar—and then enjoy!
  • Visit our Bug Petting Zoo—featuring tarantulas, Giant Walking Sticks, a Giant African Millipede and more!
  • Our face-painting experts can transform you into your favorite bug!
  • Learn how to display butterflies and other insects.
  • Bring your own bug! If you’ve found a bug you can’t identify, bring it with you. We’ll help.

Wear an Insect Costume—Receive a Free Ticket for a Future Visit!

Dress up like an insect, beekeeper or other bug-related character and you’ll receive a free ticket to the Cockrell Butterfly Center to use on a future visit. “Bee” creative!

Tricks, Treats & T.rex and Haunted House

Celebrate Halloween in Sugar Land

Tricks, Treats & T-Rex
Saturday, October 28th, 2017
10 am to 1 pm


Join us for Halloween fun during Tricks, Treats & T-Rex at the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land. A spookathonof family fun filled with carnival games, trick or treating, a pumpkin patch, face painting, crafts and more. Be sure to wear your costume to parade through the museum in the Grand Costume Contest, where we’ll have prizes for the best of the best! It’s a spooky Saturday you won’t forget!

$3 for members; $12 for children: $15 for adults

Haunted House 
Friday and Saturday, October 27 & 28, 2017
7 – 10 pm


Chills trickle down your spine as you step into the darkened museum after hours. Glancing around nervously, you walk towards the Haunted House – is that someone following you? You see nothing but the feeling remains… Our family-friendly haunted house is back to usher in the horrors of Halloween with all-new thrills!! Explore every creepy corner – you have the museum to yourself… or do you?

Best for those 7 years of age and up
$5 for members; $10 for non-members

Vanishing Arts: Highlights from the Beasley-Hwang Collection

Closing October 22


It’s the culmination of decades of travel to exotic lands. An eclectic collection of unique artifacts acquired by Drs. Palmer Beasley and Lu Yu Hwang as their study of Hepatitis B took them to China, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico and a host of other countries. This exhibit features 50 of the most fascinating objects from this stunning collection. An intricately carved and painted mask. An actual Tao sea-going canoe from Taiwan. And a stunning Dragon Robe from the Imperial Court of China, replete with symbolism. Through descriptive text, photographs and videos you’ll learn how they were created, and why. But it’s up to you to imagine why each piece captured the attention of this husband-and-wife team of physicians.

This exhibition is included with the admission to the permanent exhibit halls and FREE for Museum Members.

Authored By Chris Wells

Adventure is my middle name. Well… actually it’s French. Literally, it’s Christopher French Wells. But the spirit of adventure lives in me, and has always inspired me to go out and seek new experiences. I’ve traveled to Europe, Mexico and South America, as well as few places in the U.S. I’ve seen different places with different cultures, learned some things about humanity and about myself in particular. My goal is to lend my unique perspective, carved out of my own triumphs and tragedies, fears and fancies encountered during my years of college and international travel, to the other great voices of this blog. Hopefully to the enjoyment of our readers…

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