Cockrell Butterfly Center Fall Plant Sale

September 26, 2017


Day: Saturday September 30, 2017

Time: 9am-noon

*Location CHANGE*: Ground level. Outside of the HMNS main entrance by the Sun Dial

Some people might not think that fall is an important time to add plants to your garden, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Here in Houston, fall is a very active time for the butterflies and other pollinators. The fall monarch migration is currently making its way through our area and will be continuing through November. To ensure that the travelers have enough host and nectar resources, it’s vital to rededicate time to your pollinator gardens. It is especially important this season after Hurricane Harvey wiped out a lot of the natural habitats for all butterflies along the Bayous and surrounding areas. In addition to the famous migratory monarchs, we must also look out for the non-migratory Monarchs, Queens, Swallowtails, Sulfurs, Crescents, Longwings, Buckeyes and all of our other fluttery friends.

We have dedicated much of our time this year to propagating plants for our butterflies. We started stratifying milkweed seeds last December, and after nine months we have seven different species of milkweeds that will be available at the plant sale. These milkweeds have been grown from seed and are 100% pesticide free! There will also be a larger than usual selection of Passion vines.

To see the complete list of available plants, please click  HERE

Important facts to know:

  • There is a location change! This year it will NOT be on the roof, but outside of the main entrance on the lawn. Hopefully this will make it more accessible to our visitors (Please see map  HERE ).
  • Don’t forget to bring your wagons! We will provide some, but they do go quickly.
  • If you are loading up on plants, there will be a holding area while you check out. There will be a loading zone available for you to pull around and load up your plants.
  • The hold area will only be available during the hours of the sale (9am-12pm).
  • Museum members, as always, get 10% off of purchases.
  • 30 minutes of free parking in the HMNS garage when you spend $30 or more. Parking pass must be validated with time stamp.
  • We will accept Cash/Check/Card.


**Can’t make it to the plant sale but still want to purchase plants?? Have no worry! Any leftover plants will be available for purchase BY APPOINTMENT the week following the plant sale (Monday Oct 2-Friday Oct 6th). Please email Theresa at to set up a time or view the current availability list. 

We hope to see you next weekend!

Black and Blue Salvia + Dianthus Amazon Duo + Marine heliotrope

Aquatic Milkweed

Tropical Milkweed

Wendy’s Wish salvia

Verbena + Cosmos

Gay feather + Mexican Flame Vine + Pentas

Pitcher plants

Passion vines

Red porter weed + Angelonia


Cassia alata + blue porter weed + Bronze fennel+ Dill

Aristolochia fimbriata

Authored By Theresa Freiburger

Theresa is the horticulturist at the Cockrell Butterfly Center. She maintains the rainforest atmosphere of the Butterfly Center and propagates plants for the spring and fall plant sales. She has a background in entomology and is specialized in raising tropical butterflies, so the CBC is her heaven!

2 responses to “Cockrell Butterfly Center Fall Plant Sale”

  1. Irma Garcia says:

    Hi, my name is Irma Garcia and we are members of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Our granddaughter just loves to go to the museum every time she comes to visit. We’ve taken her since she was a little girl. She is 10 now and lives in Dallas.

    We love the Cockrell Butterfly Museum. I purchase plants from the gift shop every time we go. What is the date of your Spring plant sale? I missed the September sale due to Chemo treatments. Thank you so much for providing these sales and broadening our education on butterflies and butterfly gardening.

  2. Theresa Freiburger says:

    Hi Irma-
    Thank you for your interest in our Museum! I’d have to agree, it’s a pretty special place 🙂 The date of our Spring Plant Sale is Saturday April 14th, 2018 from 9am-noon. If you have any further questions, or ever want to talk more about pollinator gardens, please feel free to contact me at

    Theresa Freiburger
    Horticulurist | Greenhouse Manager
    Cockrell Butterfly Center

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