Theresa is the Conservatory Horticulture Manager at the Cockrell Butterfly Center. She maintains the rainforest atmosphere of the Butterfly Center and is always busy planting and pruning. She has a background in both insects and plants, so the CBC is a perfect place for her!

Kintsugi: Repairing Pots Through Art

Kintsugi (kin-tsu-gi) is the 15th century Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or other shiny/reflective powder. I like to reduce, reuse, recycle whenever possible, and this tradition instantly caught my eye. Rather than throwing out a piece of pottery when it breaks, it’s an opportunity to bring it […]

Spring Cleaning: Rusty Tool Edition

In my early 30’s, I first learned about proper care and maintenance for pruning tools. Not to sound dramatic, but it has changed my life. I had no idea the power that basic household white vinegar holds over a pile of derelict tools. We all have that pair of crunchy old clippers, or that socket […]

Cockrell Butterfly Center Fall Plant Sale

    Day: Saturday September 30, 2017 Time: 9am-noon *Location CHANGE*: Ground level. Outside of the HMNS main entrance by the Sun Dial   Some people might not think that fall is an important time to add plants to your garden, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Here in Houston, fall is a […]