Who is Yuri and why are we celebrating Yuri’s Night at Mixers & Elixirs?

Yuri’s Night is upon us, and we’re hosting Mixers & Elixirs: Yuri’s Night on Friday night to celebrate the past, present and future of space exploration.

But wait a second. Who’s Yuri and what’s he got to do with space exploration?

Yuri Gagarin was the first person to be launched into space and orbit the Earth on April 12, 1961. The Russian cosmonaut has since become a symbol of human space exploration and how we can conquer the obstacles that stand between us and the rest of the cosmos. Trapped on our little blue marble in space, for eons we sought to find the truth behind our place in the universe. Now, with technology and an ever-growing catalog of information about the universe, we are starting to venture into our cosmic neighborhood.

Just think of all that’s happened in a little over 50 years — and what 50 more years could bring. We’re peering deeper into space, living in space, and it won’t be long before we (read: everyday people like you and me) can see the darkness of space for ourselves on private space flights.

Yup, there’s certainly a lot to celebrate on Yuri’s Night. So join us tomorrow night and raise a glass to space exploration and explorers everywhere! We’ll have space-themed treats and even “Commander Quest” from Space Center Houston.

Want to get even more excited and inspired? (Of course you do.) Check out the video below from astronaut Chris Hadfield aboard the International Space Station and pictures from cosmic journeys and observations so far!

The Hubble Telescope

Every light in this image from the Hubble Telescope is an entire galaxy.

The Sombrero Galaxy.

The Voyager Spacecraft, which has now traveled into interstellar space — the furthest a spacecraft has ever gone.

Detail of Jupiter from Voyager.

Saturn, as seen from Voyager.


The LaB 5555 launch had a serious bite: Read patron reactions and add your own!

LaB 5555 launched Friday with the help of some 700 patrons who gathered to geek responsibly and boogie among bones for a paleontological party dubbed “Skin & Bones.” Each LaB 5555, held monthly from here on out, will feature a scientific theme with one hour of educational pre-party time, live music, local food truck fare, cash bars and more. For a full schedule, click here.


Don’t call it a comeback! Feel the love for LaB 5555

We’ve revamped our after-hours, adults-only geek chic event and re-dubbed it LaB 5555. This new monthly mixer boasts scientific themes, great live music and noms from Houston’s best food trucks. Geek responsibly with us at LaB 5555!

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@jiroshi getting his learning on at the #lab5555 party @ Houston Museum of Natural Science http://instagr.am/p/MMzytWlTtr/dani
Everybody get your learn on (you know the words) http://pic.twitter.com/5uHv1HyXHMNS
True story: A freaking dinosaur almost knocked over my cocktail. Rudeness. :) only @hmns.Joel Luks
Grooving to the group Collide. #lab5555 http://instagr.am/p/MMzQXbpWTJ/Greta Brannan
Don’t worry, it’s just a love bite. Come check out our awesome dinos by Erth dinosaur petting zoo! http://pic.twitter.com/TWuqyPNaHMNS
I have it on good authority that @IndyBrewing Stash IPA will be at LaB 5555 2nite at @hmns. No need to drink Heinies w/ the dinos anymore.The Ferm
(Also, me with a coprolite!) #lab5555 http://lockerz.com/s/219242772Lauren
Look at these pretty patrons http://pic.twitter.com/L17J4ovlHMNS
Looks like a success!!! :) RT @hmns: Don’t call it a comeback!! This dance floor is poppin’ http://po.st/52HzyvKindra Denise
Hey @hmns, thanks for hosting such an awesome event. Looking forward to next month already! :) #lab5555Rachel R.
Food truck pizza with pears and arugula… nom. #lab5555 http://instagr.am/p/MM8mDNJWZc/Greta Brannan
Pumped for Dancing w/ Dinosaurs tonight @HMNS w/ my Babe-osaurus Rex!Nathan Eguia
Don’t call it a comeback!! This dance floor is poppin’ http://pic.twitter.com/PZxUY3dXHMNS
Drinking in the @hmns at #lab5555. I saw dinosaurs!Kalley Powell
Dancing with dinosaurs! @sarahkmayes #lab5555 @ Houston Museum of Natural Science http://instagr.am/p/MNGawVDCHT/Hailie Durrett
Y’all, somebody here is WEARING A DINOSAUR. #lab5555 http://lockerz.com/s/219242558Lauren
This party don’t stop. 15 minutes left and you can’t slow us down! http://pic.twitter.com/0xtPJ5gLHMNS
Last night was a blast, one of the best nights I’ve had in a while! #lab5555 #HMNSRachel R.

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Mixers remixed: Introducing LaB 5555, our new after-hours, adults-only scientific shindig

Missing Mixers & Elixirs? Well, we’ve given it a makeover. It’s gotten in shape, revamped its wardrobe, learned to two-step and is a brand new event: LaB 5555.

Our new after-hours, adults-only scientific shindig launches this Friday and we want you there geeking responsibly right along with us.


LaB 5555 will have the same cash bars and awesome live entertainment as Mixers did, but it’s committed to bringing you scintillating science, food truck fare and local entertainment all year long. Each month is centered around a scientific theme, with the launch being all about Skin & Bones. Attendees will hear about the highlights of our new Hall of Paleontology in the Grand Hall and have access to tour the new paleo exhibit throughout the night.

Highlights include classy yet sassy music by string quartet/DJ ensemble Collide; food from It’s a Wrap, Big Happy’s Ice Cream & Treats, Pi Pizza and Luchi & Joey’s; cash bars and a sweet giveaway for the first 200 smarty pants to show up.

And you’ll want to get here early. Get your learn on in the Grand Hall from 8 to 9 p.m. before you get your drink on and hear straight from our staff about the skin and bones in our new paleontology hall that have everyone talking.

Here are the deets:

WHAT: LaB 5555 launch
WHEN: Friday, June 22 from 8 to 11 p.m.
WHERE: The Houston Museum of Natural Science main campus at 5555 Hermann Park Dr.

Click here for tickets: $20 for the general public; $12 for members. Tickets grant attendees access to the new Hall of Paleontology throughout the night, live entertainment and free planetarium showings of Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin at 8:15, 9:15 and 9:45 p.m. Click here for a full schedule of events.

Hitting this scene is a sure sign of intelligence!

mixers19Mixers & Elixirs is back and it’s my pleasure to announce the return of one of the most well-attended events in Houston.  Every Friday night from June through August an average of eleven-hundred people come to HMNS to start the weekend off right!  That’s right, the summer’s biggest parties happen at the largest educational institution in Houston. Why? HMNS wants to invite you to experience the Museum in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Let loose by taking your sweetie for a spin or meeting someone special under the dinosaurs. Try wandering our world- class Gem & Mineral Hall with a drink in your hand and good music in your ear…Check out our 2009 lineup for bands that’ sure to please every musical taste.

June 5 – Grady Gaines & the Texas Upsetters

June 12 – TropiCrew 

June 19  – The Handsomes

June 26 – Molly & the Ringwalds


mixers87July 10 – The Fab 5

July 17 - Mango Punch

July 24 – Mambo Jazz Kings

July 31 – The Chromatics

August 7 – Commercial Art

August 14 – Grupo Batacha

August 21 – Yvonne Washington & the Mix

August 28 – Grupo Ka-Che

So how do you get into this awesome party where you can have a cool drink, listen to awesome music, check out the dinosaurs, and meet someone who’s as interested in the exhibits as they are in the party? Click here! Your ticket into the biggest party in Houston goes for just $15 or you can purchase a membership and get in all summer long for only $13. See you Friday, June 5!