May Pixel Party Recap: What Happens When You Let A Bunch Of Expert Photographers Loose At HMNS?

May 9, 2017
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Photo by Sandy Grimm

After-hours at HMNS on April 30, we hosted one of our exclusive Pixel Parties — where we open select exhibits just for photographers (both amateur and professional).

This time around, we gave photographers access to our Hall of Ancient Egypt and special exhibitions Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum and Out of the Amazon: Life on the River.

Here’s a small sampling of what they gave us in return:

Egyptian Museum Exhibit (BW)

Mummies of the World

Photo by Jerry Klumpp,

Photo by James Woody,




Photo by David Huang,

Photo by Shaun Wegscheid,

Photo by Ulises Dominguez,

Photo by Ben Grant,

Photo by Janet Bartsch,

Photo by Johnny Dee,

Photo by Alex Santiago,

Photo by Tim Stanley,

Photo by Bill Klemm,

Photo by Sergio Garcia Rill,

Colorful feathers

We couldn’t fit all the wonderful photos from this event into one blog post. To see even more photos from this event, please visit our HNNS Flickr Group page.

Authored By Kelly Russo

Kelly is a slightly dog-obsessed Jedi and Director of Online Media for HMNS. Her favorite activities include photography, stargazing at the George Observatory and finding new ways to bring the wonders of HMNS to the world.

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