Valentine Ideas For The Nerd In Your Life

February 10, 2017
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I must admit that Valentine’s Day is probably my favorite holiday. Most people would assume it has lot to do with what the day represents like significant others, romance, love or even candy hearts. I think it started back when I was a kid. There was always a class party with cupcakes, candy, and little cards with your favorite characters on them. There were at least three other kids who had the same Ninja Turtle valentines, but chances are you didn’t get the same valentine twice.

As we got older, the parties didn’t happen as often, and the holiday changed altogether. Someone you like may give you a gift or you may write a note inside a card for that special someone. However, Valentine’s Day never really evolved for me. I still enjoy giving cards to all my friends. I enjoy punny cards so much, that last year I decided to make my own cards for everyone in my office. I wanted something personal and fun for each of them. Most of the cards were science related and frankly, a little nerdy. I drew simple pictures and short funny phrases to go along with them. In a word, these valentine’s cards were quaint. A year later, most of these valentines still hang on office walls, bulletin boards, and computer monitors around the office. I’ve photographed a few to share with you in the hopes that you enjoy a good pun on Valentine’s Day too.

Authored By Kelsey Friedemann

Kelsey started working at the Museum through Xplorations summer camp, and this fall she started working as a programs facilitator. She is a presenter for several outreach programs, assists with overnight programs, and assists with education collections during summer camp. Her favorite dinosaur is a Triceratops found at HMNS Sugar Land. The Triceratops is also named "Kelsey."

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