Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Skeletons

October 31, 2015
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Through the month of October, Houston Museum of Natural Science Marketing put together an all-out campaign to prep for Halloween, and we had a blast doing it. On Instagram, we took our creepiest skeletons, screened them through a black and white filter and blew out the contrast for a spooky look under the hashtags #31DaysOfSkeletons and #ChillsAtHMNS. Here’s the countdown of the top 10 shots with the most likes.

10. Day 23: Plesiosaurus, 152 likes


9. Day 8: Homo sapiens flying, 157 likes


8 (tied). Day 3: Lemur with large hands, 160 likes


8 (tied). Day 7: Deinonychus skull, 160 likes


7. Day 14: Psitticosaurus nest, 165 likes


6. Day 18. Woolly mammoth, 169 likes


5. Day 26: Saber-tooth cat, 170 likes


4. Day 9: Acrocanthosaurus, 195 likes


3. Day 2: Postosuchus, 196 likes


2. Day 11: Tyrannosaurus rex, 209 likes


1. Day 1: Gorgosaurus, 253 likes


Authored By Jason Schaefer

Jason is the Marketing and PR Manager for HMNS and a man of many hats. Over the years, he has been a wedding band saxophonist, a portrait studio photographer, a newspaper journalist, a sixth-grade teacher, a college instructor, a compost salesman, and a rock climbing guide, but his greatest dream is to publish novels. He could pronounce “euoplocephalus” and “rhamphorynchus” before his parents could.

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