Mark Your Calendars for these events happening at HMNS 3/30-4/5

March 29, 2015
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Bust out your planners, calendars, and PDAs (if you are throwback like that), it’s time to mark your calendars for the HMNS events of this week!

Lecture – Samurai: Men Of War In An Age Of Peace By David Howell
Tuesday, March 31
6:30 p.m.
The samurai’s place in the complex structure of state and society, and their interaction with other classes will be presented by David Howell, Ph.D. of Harvard University. In his survey of samurai history, Howell will also look at moments like a peasant’s exhortation to his descendants that they never aspire to become samurai and the Ako vendetta, which served for three hundred years as an iconic statement of samurai values. This lecture is cosponsored by Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. Peace By David Howell

Check out the special exhibitions we have going on at HMNS – Hermann Park and HMNS at Sugar Land! 
Special Exhibitions at HMNS – Hermann Park:

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Samurai: The Way of the Warrior
Faberge: From a Snowflake to an Iceberg
Gemstone Carvings

Special Exhibitions at HMNS at Sugar Land:
Crystals of India

Authored By Sheila George

Sheila is the Manager of Online Media at HMNS.

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