A Museum staffer gets our mouths watering with science-inspired sweet stuff: Meet Jillian & Co.!

February 25, 2013
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You’ve probably seen those scrumptious sweets we’ve posted over the last few months: A butter-cream (and bronze) mummy here, a delicious chocolate-dipped dinosaur there . . . well, there’s a story behind those geeky goodies, and it starts right here at HMNS.

HMNS cookies courtesy of Jillian & Co

One of our membership staff, Jillian Villa, runs a successful pastry business when she’s not making sure the Museum experience runs smoothly for our members. Jillian & Co., which Villa runs with her mother, specializes in custom confections for a variety of events — from baby showers to paleo parties.

We can say from experience that the Villas’ creations are as delicious as they are attractive — something of a feat in the field of impeccable-looking sweet stuff.

To learn more about our talented staffer and her work at Jillian & Co., click here

Need an excuse to order mass amounts of chocolate-dipped goodness? She’s a popular choice for Party Smarty birthday parties… just sayin’. We’re trying to help you get your fix.

Authored By Caroline Gallay

Caroline was the Digital Media Editor at HMNS from 2012 to 2013. She was responsible for telling the Museum’s story online. You could find Caroline on the site profiling characters around the museum and making sure you knew what the what was going on around this crazy/awesome place.

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