2013 Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Pick up a conversation piece. Give a smart gift. Or just scare the cat. Give it, receive it, OWN IT.

Click here to peruse our exciting 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. And feel good about yourself knowing that 100% of the proceeds benefit the museum’s educational programming. Something to warm your heart this holiday season: the HMNS Holiday Gift Guide.

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One thought on “2013 Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Check with Ieisha about the new jewelry they just got in a few weeks ago from us. They are supposed to be in the gift shop near the butterfly exhibit. Jewelry using the real wings of “naturally expired” butterflies from all over the world. They are sent to us from exhibit houses and butterfly farms from around the world after they die. We “recycle” them into one of a kind pieces of jewelry. “Mother Nature lets the beauty last a few weeks…we let it last forever”.

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