Get your wings with Your Community and Heritage, a new Eagle-required badge available this summer!

After the rip-roaring success of our Spring Break series, we’re offering Summer Scouts a new Eagle-required badge as one half of a week-long class: Your Community and Heritage. In just one five-day course, Scouts will have the opportunity to earn both the Citizenship in the Community badge and the American Heritage badge.

Citizenship in the Community explores how the local community works to provide services for its residents. Participants will talk to a government representative to learn how city services are provided, learn about community organizations and ride the light rail downtown and visit a court session.

In earning the American Heritage Badge, Scouts will research their family’s history and their community and explore how our Nation’s past has led to its present.

Boy Scouts - Chemistry Merit BadgeIt’s going to be a big summer at HMNS for Scouts: Scouts can earn up to four Eagle-required badges at HMNS Main and up to three at HMNS at Sugar Land, in addition to an array of other badges.

But it’s not all Boy Scout-centric! We’ve also got Webelos Super Science for the younger set and a brand new summer summer edition or Careers in Science for the Girl Scouts.

To learn more, view a full schedule and register for classes, click here!

Sugar Land Scouts: Enroll today in Citizenship and the Environment!

Sugar Land scouts — we’ve got great news!

There are still spots left in two classes that have sold out at HMNS’ main campus: Citizenship and The Environment both have space during the weeks of June 11 and July 23.

Tiger Trails - Geology Belt Loop

Citizenship teaches scouts how historic events, people and places have shaped our nation. Participants will take a virtual tour of the Lincoln Memorial and learn the history of the former prison building that now houses HMNS Sugar Land. Kids will watch five of the greatest speeches in American history and place them in context with current events, discuss the international diplomacy and learn about governments around the world.

The Environment allows participants to study air, land, water and life and how humans impact all of it. Scouts will conduct experiments that investigate oil spill cleanups, animal adaptation and learn about resources for environmentally-friendly consumption.

Both classes earn Eagle-required badges — two in Citizenship and one in Environment, so enroll today!

In honor of our spectacular summer programs, we’ll leave you with this: The last installment of our T-Rex Trying for HMNS series!

T-Rex Trying to Show Camp Spirit