September 14, 2023
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2004 – Tickled pink by a Flamingo’s visit

2012 – Spider webs pose a danger for small birds 

2015 – Elusive cardinals are beginning to show up

2018 – Update on Waugh bridge bat colony hit by Hurricane Harvey associated flooding

2020 – Aquatic turtles of McGovern Lake

2020 – Neighborhoods and parks let budding bird-watchers take wing. Houston Chronicle

2021 – Help save millions of birds with the flip of a switch!

2021 – Manatee sighting in Texas City

2021 – River otters are on the rise in Texas

2022 – Rare woodpecker living in a graveyard

2022 – Cool birds in strange places (and then some…)

2023 – Birds use anti-spikes to build nests

2024 – Urban Peafowl in H-town – are they really that bad?

Authored By Dan Brooks

As the HMNS Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, Dr. Dan is known as ‘the guy with the most backbone’ in the museum! He curates four permanent exhibits at the museum, where he was worked as a full-time staff member since 1999. He has described 10 new species to date, and is very active in local ( and international (Southeast Asia and Latin America) wildlife research, especially with gamebirds. Afflicted with the inability to ‘shake the nature bug’, when he’s not at work in the museum, one of his favorite things to do is scouting and exploring the great outdoors with his family.

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