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July 15, 2017
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Creature Feature: Yellow Tiger Longwing

The Cockrell Butterfly Center at HMNS is one of the most unique locations in Houston. Among the over 1,500 butterfly species you spy as you wander through our enchanting rainforest conservatory, is the beautiful Yellow Tiger Longwing, Heliconius ismenius

Here’s A Science-y Summer Activity To Keep The Kid’s Brains Busy From Our Art Smart Camp!


At the Houston Museum of Natural Science, we know that children who are encouraged to use their creativity learn to innovate, and those who are innovative can have great success in the sciences.

At first blush art and science look like different disciplines, but if you look closely you will see they share much in common. Creativity and innovation are happening every day in Art Smart, one of our popular Xplorations Summer Camps.

Come One, Come All! To The Greatest Mixer On Earth!

Looking for some intelligent nightlife? Mix up your social scene at Mixers & Elixirs! Pop on over to our place on Friday, July 21st to mingle, clink your cocktail glass and break out your best dance moves. Doors open at 7 p.m. for the live band, dancing, cash bars and the city’s best food trucks. The perfect party, where the science club meets the social set happens every month this this summer!



La Malinche: The Spanish Dona Who Was A Maya Slave Who Was An Aztec Princess



The reputation of La Malinche suffers from her intimate connection with the destruction of her own culture. Scholars in the past demonized her as some sort of provocateur or temptress. They use the fact that she had a child by Cortes to support this assertion. But in reality she was a slave and if she had not done was she was asked bad things would have happened to her. 




Authored By Chris Wells

Adventure is my middle name. Well… actually it’s French. Literally, it’s Christopher French Wells. But the spirit of adventure lives in me, and has always inspired me to go out and seek new experiences. I’ve traveled to Europe, Mexico and South America, as well as few places in the U.S. I’ve seen different places with different cultures, learned some things about humanity and about myself in particular. My goal is to lend my unique perspective, carved out of my own triumphs and tragedies, fears and fancies encountered during my years of college and international travel, to the other great voices of this blog. Hopefully to the enjoyment of our readers…

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