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Rockets, Robots And Romance: This Week’s Happenings At HMNS
October 15, 2018 · Be The First To Comment

Lecture – How to Walk on Water & Climb up Walls: Animal Movement & Robots of the Future by David Hu Animals have adapted and evolved to traverse their environments, taking advantage of physical laws with results that are startling and ingenious. Mechanical engineer and biologist David L. Hu will demystify the remarkable mechanics behind […]

Dinosaurs, Aliens And Volcanoes: This Week’s Happenings At HMNS
October 8, 2018 · Be The First To Comment

Lecture – New Technology in Fossil Prep by David Temple Recent advances in fossil preparation have led scientists to uncover incredible detail in fossils that until now where not thought possible.   HMNS paleontologist David Temple will overview these new technologies and the amazing findings they have brought to science–including soft tissue, microscopic blood cells, […]

Are Bananas Really Cursed?
October 5, 2018 · Be The First To Comment

It’s October and in honor of our 31 Days of Death I’m exploring the deadly reputation of everyone’s favorite yellow berry. For at least a century now, it has been a common superstition among seafarers that to bring a banana on board a ship is bad luck. Nobody know’s where this myth came from, however […]

Sky Happenings This Month: The Autumn “Intermission”
October 3, 2018 · Be The First To Comment

      Autumn represents sort of an ‘intermission’ in the sky, with bright summer stars setting at dusk, while bright winter patterns such as Orion have not yet risen.   The ‘teapot’ of Sagittarius sets in the southwest early in the evening.  The Summer Triangle is high in the west.   Meanwhile, the Great Square […]

Skeletons, Citrus and Science! This Week’s Happenings At HMNS
October 1, 2018 · Be The First To Comment

Lecture – Beauty and Morphology of Insects by Erin Mills Characteristics and adaptations of these unique and misunderstood creatures will be explored by Erin Mills, Director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Living exotic beetles, giant katydids, walking sticks, hissing cockroaches, beautiful butterflies and other exciting arthropods will compliment this special presentation and tour of the […]

Milk Weed And Plant Blindness: Shedding Light On A Plant Problem In Modern Society
September 28, 2018 · 1 Comment

By Jeff Cummins, Horticulturalist at the Cockrell Butterfly Center   A sea of green surrounds people living in even the most urban environments, and yet almost nobody can see truly the plants. We see the trees, manicured hedges, or notice when our neighbor has taken a little too long to mow the lawn, but that’s […]

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Katydid!…Did she?

Olive – a Giant Long-Legged Katydid from Malaysia – was with us for only a few days, however, she left us with a precious gift; her eggs! Now, will those eggs hatch? We’re keeping our fingers crossed over here that we’ll soon be seeing some cute little katydid babies! This insect has quickly become my […]

HOW TO: Pin a Butterfly

Have you ever seen a piece of art or craft that you think to yourself “I could do that!” but of course you never act on it?  Well, some people do act on that impulse and I’m going to show you how to do just that.  Every now and then I get a phone call from […]

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Photo From You: Insect Identification

Beverly Pascoe · October 18, 2018, 4:37 pm

Can I send a picture of a beetle for you to help me identify?

What would YOU ask a Paleontologist?

Carolyn · October 16, 2018, 9:39 am

How much of th few Quetzlacoatalus (sp?) fossil is real? I know some parts are estimates, which parts wee a actual fossil finds?

Hummingbirds of the Night

Larry Smith · October 16, 2018, 8:28 am

Many years ago, I watched a hummingbird moth fly from one night opened flower to another at my mother's house. Many flowers are closed at night, but these (white or light colored and trumpet shaped) were open and apparently providing nectar for the insect. Following that experience, I've only ever seen hummingbird moths flying about during the daytime, such as after Hosta flowers.

Insect Insight: Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

BestJanet · October 15, 2018, 7:15 pm

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100 Years – 100 Objects: Giant sphinx moth

Kat · October 2, 2018, 6:42 pm

Hi, I live in Woodbridge Virginia. My front porch has Moonflowers encasing it. I went out to sit on my porch and saw about a dozen of these sphinx moths using their long toung on the flowers almost frantically! I did get a short video. I have never seen this. I think the Moonflowers attracted them this was about 7:30 pm.

Cockrell Butterfly Center Spring Plant Sale This Saturday!

Dianne Wells · September 25, 2018, 8:38 am

A few years back I bought a Dutchman's pipe vine at the plant sale. It has multiplied and produced clouds of pipevine swallowtails. I was trying to describe it accurately to a friend (I know it is not native to Houston) and I wonder if you could give me its scientific name.

Hummingbirds of the Night

CARLOS MAYSONET · September 23, 2018, 4:59 pm

In Puerto rico I've seen a silver hummingbird, not a moth, during very dark nights. I've trying to find out what spieces it is but I can find a match. Also looked at moths to see if I was mistaken, but no type of moth comes close. Its belly is almost mirror like with a white head and gray down it's back. Size varies because they were different individuals. I just came back to the area after Maria and have not seen them anymore but during the winter months where they usually show up I will see if they come back.

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