At Snow Flurry: Prancer, the Gossiping Reindeer

Since I’m an insider it’s hard not to share this news…

Prancer is a total gossip! He’s been living at the North Pole as long as he can remember and knows every little detail about everyone there. He knows what designer shoes the head elf is wearing, where Mrs. Claus keeps her most precious pearls, and whether Santa wears boxers or briefs! (Ok, that’s neither here nor there because who wants to know what kind of underwear Santa has on! …Ew!!!)

So here’s the latest gossip… Santa has lost it. He lost the list! He lost the list of which present goes to which kid! It’s a complete disaster (and so far it’s Prancer’s most highly acclaimed gossip article in the North Pole Daily). So it’s time for us to come through for Santa! Seriously, how many times has Santa come through for you?!? Gather up your friends, family, neighbors, the kids at the rec center – come see Santa at Snow Flurry and tell him what you want! My sister Amanda is certainly not going to want the cordless electric drill that her husband requested and my little cousin J.P. won’t want the Barbie his sister is asking for! This is our chance to help Santa straighten out this mess, Houston! Could you really turn down a pair of twinkling eyes and those merry little dimples?? 

Where can you find Santa? He’s going to be at the Museum this Saturday! All day long he will be collecting the wishes of little boys and little girls. Or you can just tell Prancer (he’ll be here, too). He’s a talker. Before you meet her in person at Snow Flurry, get a sneak-peek meet n’ greet with Prancer in the video below (and learn why all of Santa’s reindeer are girls).

See Santa AND Prancer at Snow Flurry! This Saturday, December 6 from 10 am – 4 pm. Seeing Santa is free -but did I mention there will be real snow there, too? 80,000 lbs. of it. Members $3 or non-members $5.

What’s white and weighs 80,000 lbs.?

What’s white and weights 80,000 lbs.? Snow. In Houston. And no, this isn’t some strange and obscure meteorilogical event!

Snow Flurry is an annual event held at the HMNS to celebrate the holiday spirit and give Houston kids the opportunity of a lifetime: to play in the snow without having to take that long car trip with Mom and Dad. We will have 80,000 lbs. of snow separated into two sections – one for kids ages 5 and under and another for kids ages 6 – 10.

This year, you don’t have to wait in line for the snow! Your ticket is timed so you can get to play in the snow without standing in line, just arrive 5 minutes before your time is called to wait for your turn. While you’re waiting for your turn in the snow, go see Santa and Prancer, the reindeer, who will be listening to kids’ Christmas wishes all day long. Or you can walk around the Museum and participate in all kinds of holiday crafts! Get a glimpse of Prancer the reindeer at our sneak-peak holiday website, The 12 Days of HMNS.

Snow Flurry is a ton of fun and with several thousand kids hopping into the snow every year, we are sure this event will be packed so buy your tickets early! $3 members, $5 non-members. I’m looking forward to seeing you from 10am – 4pm on December 6th!