Flickr Photo of the Month: Butterflies! [Feb. 2011]

_MG_8184 by mkerkstra on Flickr.

Posted here with permission.

There are some amazing photographers that wander the halls of HMNS, and when we’re lucky, they share what they capture in our HMNS Flickr pool. Each month, we share one of these photos here on the blog.

This month, we have a reminder that the time of ridiculously chilly weather is almost past us this year, from Michelle Kerkstra, mkerkstra on Flickr. I’m always particularly impressed by the gorgeous butterfly shots that show up in the Flickr pool, as these stunning insects are also notoriously twitchy.

From the photographer:

Butterflies have always been a favorite subject of mine ever since I visited my first butterfly garden in Mackinac Island, MI with my grandparents when I was a little girl. Butterflies are perfect subjects to photograph, especially in an enclosed setting such as the Cockrell Butterfly Center, because you have the unique opportunity to see hundreds of unique subjects up close each with their own splendid color patterns!

This shot in particular was a wonderful surprise as it caught the profile of the butterfly perfectly and the background cast a wonderful halo effect around the wings.

For advanced photographers looking to shoot butterflies, I recommend using a macro telephoto lens at a substantial focal length (I took this photo using a 70-300mm) for more working room and using a tripod.

PS. Michelle has an entire set of lovely butterfly photos – check ’em out!

Inspired? Most of the Museum’s permanent galleries are open for photography, and we’d love for you to share your shots with us on Flickr, Facebook or Twitter. Check out the HMNS photo policy for guidelines.

Visit our Cockrell Butterfly Center to see – and photograph – these stunning insects for yourself!