Solar Grasshoppers and Robogirls

Things are sure heating up as we head into week 5 of Xplorations Summer Science Adventures, otherwise known as summer camp, here at the Musuem.  It’s so exciting to have the energy of over 400 kids a day buzzing around you.  It’s awesome to see their creativity and excitement as they delve into their science projects.

I got jazzed when I read about the robotic grasshopper in “Science Friday” last week.  It just so happens that some of the campers at the Museum make a grasshopper “robot” of sorts in our Roving Robots camp for 6 and 7 year olds.  Our tiny “robot” works on solar power and he never stops shaking!  Check out the video.

This is just one of the many projects they make in their fun filled week at camp.  They also build circuits, experiment with gears and motors, and even program a special robot that looks like a bee!

Speaking of robots, check out the cool robo-girls in the next video.  The Museum loves its science girls.  They have programed their NXT Mindstorms robot to do all sorts of cool things.
In this video they are testing their robot to see if it can follow a thick black line using a light sensor.  They will then go back and make corrections to the program and try again.  I love seeing more and more girls sign up for our robotics and engineering classes.  We have to give those boys a run for their money!

Check back to see more exciting stuff that goes on at camp.  There is never a dull moment here!  I would also love to hear ideas for new and super cool summer camps.  Give me your 2 cents.  What should our next summer camp topic be?